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Not long ago, the Belgian Post Office not only made a small gift to philatelists, but also launched all the sweet and special brands, the so-called “chocolate”. The fact that cocoa extract has been added to the base of the usual stamp manufacturers, as well as some essential oils, which make a person feel the taste of chocolate when licked. Of course, all the brands sold in record time. 

Can you like dark chocolate because of that?

 8 main reasons In general, however, it should be seriously considered that chocolate is not only fun, but also a great benefit. It contains a number of elements that make it possible to treat any type of depression very successfully. In general, dark chocolate is the most useful, since it promotes the development of happiness hormones and keeps all organ systems in good shape. However, these are not all the useful properties of this product. It should be noted that chocolate... 

1. Dark chocolate revitalizes In the cocoa beans from which chocolate is made, chocolate contains caffeine. However, dark chocolate contains much less caffeine than coffee. A small dose of the substance increases the body's performance, reduces drowsiness and fatigue and, finally, allows for rapid adaptation to changes in the environment. In addition, chocolate contains high levels of glucose, which is our body's main source of energy. 

2. Dark chocolate improves mood Cocoa beans, excellent sources of amino acids that promote the development of our body, Megormona Joy, serotonin. When we experience stress, which is particularly severe, your resources are nearly exhausted. As a result, we feel a lack of energy and a sharp deterioration in mood. In addition, reducing the level of serotonin means that our pain threshold is lowered and we feel incredible pain even with the lightest touch. 

3. Dark chocolate helps slow down the aging process. Scientists from the United Kingdom claim that this method can successfully slow down the aging process if small amounts of chocolate are consumed daily. During their research, they discovered that chocolate helps restore metabolic processes in our skin. This is because the product contains an extremely large amount of antioxidants. In addition, chocolate also prevents the development of such a serious disease as melanoma or skin cancer. 

4. Dark chocolate protects us against obesity and diabetes. Swedish researchers have discovered that dark chocolate reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes. In experiments, they found that the use of a small amount of dark chocolate does not lead to an increase in blood sugar and therefore to the development of insulin. In addition, scientists have documented a decrease in body weight and recovery from type 2 diabetes in people who consumed a small portion of dark chocolate daily. Scientists believe that the reason for these miraculous properties of chocolate are the same antioxidants. By the way, the same studies have investigated another curious fact: milk chocolate is the least useful for women and white chocolate for men. 

5. Dark chocolate helps you lose weight Scientists from Denmark believe that chocolate can reduce the desire to consume harmful products such as fatty, sweet or salty foods. During this experiment, scientists observed how milk and dark chocolate affect people who haven't eaten anything for 12 hours. After 5 hours after the test subjects had eaten chocolate, they were given a full lunch. As a result, it was found that 100 grams of dark chocolate can reduce appetite and, in addition, completely saturate the body. But it definitely doesn't say that on milk chocolate. 

6. Dark chocolate is extremely good for the heart and blood vessels. Studies have shown that dark chocolate is very good for the heart due to the large amount of antioxidants it contains. 30 people who voluntarily participated in this experiment for 15 days ate 51 grams of white chocolate, which does not contain cocoa, and the same dark chocolate, which contains 70% cocoa. All participants in the experiment had their blood pressure and circulating lipids measured daily. It was found that among those who only ate dark chocolate, the proportion of so-called “good” cholesterol was significantly higher than among the others. Studies show that eating a small amount of chocolate twice or three times a week can lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate improves blood circulation and can prevent blood clots and atherosclerosis. Dark chocolate helps reduce the risk of stroke. 

7. Dark chocolate helps you think Researchers at the University of Nottingham discovered that eating dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain for 2 to 3 hours. This improves performance and alertness. Other researchers at Oxford University in Norway investigated the long-term effects of chocolate on the brain in a study on the nutrition of more than 2000 people over 70 years of age. They found that those who consumed dark chocolate scored significantly higher on cognitive tests than those who didn't. 

8. Dark chocolate contains beneficial minerals Dark chocolate is rich in vitamins and minerals. Dark chocolate contains some of the following vitamins and minerals in high concentrations: • Potassium• Copper• Magnesium• IronCopper and potassium in dark chocolate prevent strokes and cardiovascular disease. Fern protects against iron deficiency anemia and magnesium prevents type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. 

However, all scientists say one thing: when eating chocolate, it's important not to overdo it. First of all, you can only eat dark chocolate, which contains at least 70% cocoa and is completely empty, that is, without waffles, nuts or other additives. Of course, milk and white chocolate should be completely avoided. Secondly, it is also not recommended to use the entire tile during the day in all important measures. The optimal dose is 40 to 50 grams of dark chocolate per day. 

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8 reasons to love dark chocolate!

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