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This is where exercise helps you lose weight. Do these exercises one by one without interruption. At the end of the cycle, relax for 1-2 minutes and repeat the cycle 1-2 times. 

Exercise 1. 

From the squat position directly parallel to the hips to the floor, jump a good push from the floor and feet, extending the hips upwards. Land on your feet, on your knees, look slightly, but do not bend your hips. Now repeat the exercise with the hip flexion. Do 20 squats and jump. 

Exercise 2. 

Jump on two legs Get up slightly, jump on two feet, take off a pair of socks low on the floor, keep your knees slightly bent and your hands on your belt. Work for 1 minute 

Exercise 3. 

Take a cropped posture, focus on straight arms, hands under shoulders, toes up, legs straight, and press inward. Jump to the side with your legs as wide open as possible, jump “reset” your feet to the center, to the starting position. 20 jumps “apart, together”. 

Exercise 4.

 Jump on one leg. Stand up straight, jump 20 times with your right leg and 20 jumps with your left leg. 

Exercise 5. 

Jump, release Jump to your right leg, bend your left knee and the resulting knee to your stomach. Return to starting position, with both feet on the floor. Perform 20 jumps per leg. 

Exercise 6. 

Jump with Planck's “scissors”. Please stop at the pose. Trim the edges of your straight arms, lift your right foot off the floor, jump, bring your knee up to your chest, and then switch legs. Try not to take your hands off the floor and not wrap your back around your back. 

Exercise 7.

 “Shake” Stand up and start making small movements with your heels on the floor, creating vibration all over your body. Relax all the muscles in your body and shake it for 1 minute. You can also do handshakes to relax your muscles more. 

Complete all the repetitions and loops, tighten your large leg and back muscles, fall to the floor and relax calmly for 2 to 5 minutes. If you do these exercises on a diet low in salt, sugar and saturated fat, you'll get results much faster. Good luck! 

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Jumping for weight loss: a set of exercises

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