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What helpers to lose weight and take care of our health in our kitchen? An excellent remedy for apple cider vinegar combined with water, this drink is just perfect. Buy natural apple cider vinegar at the store or let yourself be convinced of its magical effect. Apple cider vinegar contains the vitamins and minerals found in apples. The famous saying “Eat an apple a day and doctors don't need it” is true. Surely you know the legend of Queen Cleopatra and her eternal beauty, which is why they say that after a hearty meal, she drank a bowl of water and vinegar and maintained her perfect figure. What does drinking with apple cider vinegar help us

 1) to improve the color of your face

2) improve your immunity 

3) reduce cellulite and stretch marks 

4) accelerate metabolism 

5) improve the digestion process 

6) break down the fats we hated,

 7) reduce the desire to eat something sweet

8) purify the bodyHow to drink apple cider vinegar with water: 

1) Energy load: every day on an empty stomach, to drink the following drink:

 - 1 tablespoon of vinegar + 1 teaspoon of honey + a glass of water.

2) To get rid of excess weight: 

2 A teaspoon per cup of water during a meal in the morning and for at night and can also be greeted and during the lunch break. But! Be careful: 

1) When you give him a vinegar drink, rinse your mouth, as it will not damage the tooth enamel. 

2.) Don't drink apple cider vinegar if you have hyperacidity, gastritis, or heartburn. The only useful drink is lemon water, you can read about that here. Be healthy and beautiful (apple cider vinegar helps you) 

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How do you drink apple cider vinegar with water?
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